Clinical Support Details

Pain Management and the Treatment of the Side Effects caused by Radiation and Medical Oncology is a priority at MPM Medical.

Our products are made specifically to treat radiation dermatitis, oral mucositis, itching and burning caused by Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor and inhibitor drugs.

One of our leading products, RegencareHA is also used effectively to treat Hand and Foot Syndrome. All of our products are evidence-based and supported by ongoing clinical studies. For more information on this research click on the Clinical Studies and Collateral Materials button on this page.

Radiaplex gel your first line of defense against radiation skin reactions. A hydrogel cream with Hyaluronic Acid is used to donate moisture to the skin and to help protect the skin from breaking down. Radiaplex helps protect against radiation dermatitis and skin irritations caused by radiation treatments. Clinical studies are available on our website.